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Robert Ayres

Robert Ayres

Center Director

Center Director, Education Evaluation Center

Research Professor, Dr. Robert Ayres brings varied and deep experience in research, evaluation, and teaching. He has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Oregon, and is a a founding member of the Evaluation and Research Group Office (ERGO) housed at the Teaching Research Institute at Western Oregon University. Dr. Ayres has extensive experience with mixed-method/multiple-method evaluations and has prior experience with federal grants employing quasi-experimental pretest-posttest comparison designs and in research employing randomized control trials. He has served as principal evaluator on a variety of evaluation and research projects such as Structure of the Intellect, via contract with the Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Forestry Extension Program, via contract with the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, and the Western Oregon University Teacher Effectiveness Project Phases I and II. In addition, Dr. Ayres served as team investigator for the human resources portion of the Final Evaluation of the City-State Partnership, Senate Bill 795-Improvements in the Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS) under the New Board of School Commissioners, via sub-contract with WESTAT. He is currently co-principal evaluator for the "Science and Engineering in the Lives of Students," National Science Foundation grant with Oregon State University. Dr. Ayres previously taught Research Methods in Education for 15 years at Western Oregon University.

Julie Bulen

Julie Bulen

Learning Disabilities and Student Transition Specialist

Julie Bulen has worked at Teaching Research Institute since the early 1980s and at the Teaching Research Institute, Education Evaluation Center for the last 15 of those years. At the Education Evaluation Center, Julie is a Learning Disability and Transition/Vocational Specialist. She conducts in-depth psychosocial evaluations of clients from age 4 to adulthood and writes detailed reports of disability impact, recommendations for clients and parents, and legal accommodation needs for school, college and workplace settings. Her areas of expertise and experience include elementary and special education teaching, children and adults with mental health disorders, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism Disorder, Tourette's Syndrome, and high school transition skills.

Kenneth  Kosko

Kenneth Kosko

Ken Kosko is an Associate Professor at the Teaching Research Institute at Western Oregon University (WOU) and clinician at the Education Evaluation Center (EEC). He holds endorsements and authorizations in School Psychology, Elementary Education, Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Special Educator, Reading and Supervision. Since coming to WOU in 1974, he has taught many of the special education courses and worked directly with disability services. Ken has traveled throughout Oregon offering training to educators, and state agency staff, including professors at the major universities regarding issues of accommodations/modifications for ADHD and Learning Disabled students. Ken is involved in center operations which include psycho-educational assessments, multicultural assessments, consultations, and vocational functional assessments for adults and students transitioning into postsecondary education and/or work. Staff at the EEC work with college students from all the major universities, community colleges and private colleges in the state assisting them by diagnosing learning problems, determining eligibility, and providing recommendations/accommodations.

Marlene Richards

Marlene Richards

Speech/Language Pathologist

Marlene Richards, M.S., CCC-SLP is the Assistant Director/Intake Coordinator for TRI's Education Evaluation Center (EEC) since 1994. She holds teaching certification in Elementary Education and in Speech Correction and holds Oregon licensure in Speech/Language Pathology as well as her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association. Her employment experience includes itinerant speech pathologist in the public schools, adjunct instructor of graduate level courses and clinical supervisor of graduate students in the former Speech Pathology program at WOU, as well as a consultant in private practice. Her current areas of focus include assessment of child language and its relation to learning to read, social language as it relates to high functioning autism, and assessment best practices for multicultural populations.

Martha Villegas-Gutierrez

Martha Villegas-Gutierrez

Martha Villegas-Gutiérrez is an Assistant Research Professor/Licensed Psychologist/Multicultural Specialist at the Teaching Research Institute at Western Oregon University. She has been part of the Education Evaluation Center (EEC) team since 2004. Martha conducts bilingual psychological evaluations and mental health evaluation for school age children, college students, and adults. She also provides training to educators, parents, and students on Latinos academic and mental health issues. Martha has a background in bilingual education and school psychology. Martha also collaborates on research projects at TRI and other universities. She was part of University of Oregon's after school support project with Latino middle school students and parents within the Portland School District. Currently Martha has been collaborating with a federally funded grant that seeks to improve inclusion curriculum for WOU College of Education and Oregon community colleges and prepare professionals with the skills and knowledge to address the special needs of preschoolers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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