Education Evaluation Center (EEC)

The EEC was established over 50 years ago by the Oregon Department of Education to provide a learning disability testing center available for use by school districts, parents and agencies. The EEC provides Learning Disability testing for children as young as age 5, college students, and adults, including a detailed report of all test scores, a disability diagnosis, suggested strategies, and legal accommodation needs for school, college, home, and the workplace. Staff is also available for in-service training on learning disabilities as well as free telephone consultation on disability issues.

The Education Evaluation Center (EEC) is a learning disability diagnostic center serving children and adults with special needs throughout Oregon. The EEC uses a multidisciplinary team approach to evaluate the impact of a disability on an individual's daily life in school, at work, in the community and in the family. The EEC staff is state and/or nationally certified to provide diagnostic testing and assessment to identify learning disabilities.

EEC Diagnostics Services
EEC diagnostics services include: Learning Disabilities Evaluation, Attention Deficit Disorder EvaluationMulticultural Disability Assessment, Autism Assessment, and Vocational and/or Transition Evaluation.

EEC Autism Assessment
The EEC provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluations of the educational and/or transition needs of children and adults suspected of being on the autism spectrum, with questions of Asperger's Disorder and high functioning Autistic Disorder as priorities. School-aged children, adolescents and adults are seen from three-quarters to a full day in the EEC clinic. Structured educational evaluative tools, clinical observations, behavior checklists, Asperger's/Autism Rating Scales, and interviews are used to gather information about the individual. Records from school and service providers are also gathered and reviewed. School observations can be scheduled when necessary. In addition to diagnostic services, a comprehensive report will provide suggestions for educational needs, accommodations for educational and workplace settings, and transition recommendations.

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